Rules Committee Recommendations 2009

This document is being submitted for the approval of NJSSA members.  The ‘committee’, charged with researching national organization rules that most closely resemble NJSSA member organization styles of play.  Committeemen Howie Marlin, Norman Stumpf, Bob Noble, Dick Cero and Vince Mango, have met three times over the past month and after due diligence, present the Senior Softball USA rulebook for NJSSA approval.  SSUSA deals only with senior softball issues and is readily available for all NJSSA members.  The items below are cross referenced to SSUSA 2008 Rulebook Section.sub-paragraph (item)-page.  NJSSA EXCEPTION, in bold underline, possible rule exceptions, in italics.  Items 2 – 5, see diagrams.


1)      Use of current ASA banned bat list.

2)      Pg 100: 1st base. SSUSA-double 1st base. NJSSA-1’ between field base and runners base

3)       Pg 101: Home Plate Mat:  SSUSA- 19”x34 ½” NJSSA-17” x 321/2”.

4)       Pg 102: Scoring Plate: SSUSA- 8’5” from 3rd base corner of Home Plate.        NJSSA-…but at least 2’ from backstop

5)       Pg 103: Pitcher’s box: SSUSA- 24”x 72”, starting 50’ from home plate

6)      1.28 pg 7: Foul Tip-SSUSA A batted ball which goes directly from the bat, not higher than the batter’s head, to the catcher’s hand(s) or glove and is legally caught by the catcher. Else, foul ball and dead.

7)       3.5(H)-pg 22: Balls must be 44/375.

8)       3.6-pg23: Mitts may be used by 1st baseman & catcher only.

9)       4.2-pg26: Rosters are limited to 20 members.

10)   4.2(2)-pg27:  on adding players.

11)  4.2(6) pg30:  on playing in 2 age divisions.

12)  4.3(1) pg31:  Need 10 players to start. NJSSA-9 players

13)  5.5: SSUSA 5 run max per inning. NJSSA–we use even +5.

14)  5.10(2)-pg41: Appeals must be made to the umpire, prior to the next pitched ball.

15)  5.12(3)-pg43: Only managers may address the umpire.

16)  8.1(c): A runner hit by a fair hit ball while his foot is touching a base is safe and the ball is playable.

17)  8.4:  If the courtesy runner coming to bat the runner is out & courtesy runner becomes the batter.

18)  8.6:  Cannot overrun 2nd or 3rd.

19)  8.7-pg 63:   SSUSA- 20’ from Home Plate.  The commitment line shall be ½ the distance between 3rd base & Home Plate - presently 371/2 feet.

20)  8.8(1):  Use of entire Home Plate Mat for putout.

21)  9.2-pg: Caught foul ball on 3rdstrike is live.

22)  PPR, Pitcher Protection Rule(see separate document)