††††††††††††††† NJSSA 70íS TOURNAMENT


The NJSSA 70's One Day Tournament was played on Wednesday, July 16th with teams from Middlesex/Somerset, Monmouth, North Jersey, South Jersey and Union participating.A team from Ocean was scheduled to play but a conflict with a local league prevented them from participating.


The format was for each team to play 3 games.Due to the odd number of team's, Middlesex played a 4th game with one of their games being labeled a no contest.


North Jersey finished 1st with a 3-0 record.South Jersey and Middlesex tied for 2nd with 2-1 records.




North Jersey†††† 3††† 0

South Jersey†††† 2††† 1

Middlesex †† ††††2 †††1*

Monmouth† †† ††††1† ††2

Union††††††††††† 0††† 3

*Middlesex played 4 games and had one toss out game


Each year the number of 70-year-old players increases with 67 participating this year.Hopefully by next year or 2010, we will be able to start an over 70 State League playing one day/evening per week.


EVERYONE seemed to enjoy the day.Good softball, a few laugh and a LOT of friendships developed or enhanced.That is what this is all about.A highly competitive day was had by all and we are looking forward to next year.Thanks to all participants in making the 70's Tournament a success!


Many thanks to:

Howie and Dave for Umpiring.

Howie Marlin, Tom Jackson, Norm Stumpf and Charlie Dilkes for organizing and running the Tournament.


Special Thanks to Tom Jackson for getting the fields, tarps for the dugouts and providing Gatorade.

Written by:Norm Stumpf