A+ Division



A Division
Renda Roads 20, Higgins 9
Renda Roads 13, Higgins 11
Renda Roads (Union) wins the A Division 2-0
B Division
SMC 16, Check X Change 15 (8 inns)
SMC 11, Check X Change 7
SMC (Union) wins the B Division 2-0
C Division
Night Hawks 12, Kilkenny House 10
Night Hawks 14, Kilkenny House 4
Night Hawks (Middlesex) wins the C Division 2-0

Tournament Synopsis:


Grey casts to the skies followed by drizzling rain for the qualifiers, but sun-kissed heavens for the finals led to Renda Roads (Union) in the A's, S.M.C. (Union) in the B's, and Night Hawks (Middlesex) in the C's as champions in the 2010 NJSSA 50 & Over tournament. Runners-up in each division were Higgins (Monmouth), Check-X-Change (Middlesex), and Kilkenny House (Union) in the A, B, and C divisions respectively.


After losing to Higgins who were undefeated in the "A" qualifier, Keith Gibbons' Renda Roads team took the first 2 of 3 in the finals by 20-9 and 13-11 scores to win top honors in the A division.


In the "B" finals, Doug Vitanza’s Check-X-Change battled 8 innings to lose to S.M.C. 16-15 before S.M.C. ended Doug's title hopes by winning the second game 11-7.


Taking the "C" division crown was a strong undefeated Night Hawks team that went through 16-0, 17-5 and 9-1 wins in the qualifier followed by 12-10 and 13-4 victories in the finals.


Other participants were the Amalgamated Aces (Monmouth) and Sandy's (Ocean) in the A's; Big Nut, Edgewood Properties, and Highlanders (all Middlesex) and Amigos (Morris) in the B's and Katz & Dougherty (Mercer) and Metuchen Savings (Middlesex) in the C's.


Faced with a paucity of Super A teams for this first year A+ Division and the eventual withdrawal of all except TOC (Mercer), the A+ championship trophy was awarded to Carl Nocera's TOC contingent.  As the lone remaining entrant to vie for the A+ title, TOC is accorded the distinction of "best" in the 50 & over group.


For the 2011 tournament, a 2-week prior commitment will be required so PLAN ACCORDINGLY.