Warren Park, Perth Amboy, NJ
August 18, 2016
  4 Middlesex 70's 3 0
3 Retro Fitness 2 1  
6 Creative Too 2 1  
7 Golden Masters 2 1
2 Hess Oilers 0 3
5 Embers 0 3
Revised: 8/21/2016
Tournament Results and Game Highlights
As grey skies and intermittent raindrops threatened to cancel the newly-named Norm Stumpf Memorial Classic, the 2016 version of the NJSSA 70's tournament got underway on schedule at Warren Park in Woodbridge on August 18th.
Though any sunshine was rare, the tournament progressed without delay to completion with the only team with a 3-0 record being the champion Middlesex 70's led by Herb Slovis.
After two tough victories, 8-6 over Retro Fitness (Ocean) and 6-5 over Creative Too (Union), Middlesex 70's closed out their three-game set with a 12-0 win versus Embers from Morris County. Players on the victorious team received commemorative T- shirts noting their champion status. Runner-up team (Retro Fitness) received medallions noting the  first "Norm Stumpf Memorial Classic" Tournament.
Four teams tied at 2-1 records with 2nd place going to Retro Fitness which had the least runs allowed tiebreaker of 12. CAKDADA of Union County with 15 took third place followed by Creative Too with 17 (but only 1 by Embers) and Golden Masters of Morris County with 17 ( but 3 by Embers).  The other 2 teams, Hess Oilers (Middlesex) and Embers, both 0-3, rounded out the 7-team field.
Many thanks to the committee for putting this together, to Gene Stracco for his coordinating efforts, to Jerry Yaros for his securing of the fields and pushing for a 7th team, to Art Kopacz for providing the championship T- shirts and a "Norm Stumpf" commemorative banner, to Pete Osborn for obtaining the umpiring crew,  to Howie Marlin who has been quitting for 10 years; but, like the cat, keeps coming back and is responsible for tieing things together and much more!